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Our next Concealed Carry Classes are on July 23rd, 2022. The fee is $125.00 for new permits and $75.00 for renewals. The classes begin at 9:00 am. When you complete the class, you'll have everything in your packet to mail to the State of Louisiana. The permit is good for 5 years and is recognized, at this time, in 43 states. Louisiana is also offering a lifetime permit.You can register over the phone by calling 318-872-0111 or come by the office. A minimum $60.00 deposit is required at time of registration and can be paid over the phone with a credit or debit card. We handle everything required including fingerprints, completion certificate, mailing packet, and required range time.


Items needed for the class:


50 rounds of ammo

Eye and ear protection

Black ink pen

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